Presentation of Cortina Car Club. To bring together people from far and near who share a passion and the pleasure of being with others – this is the spirit that drives Cortina Car Club, a project arising out of the enthusiasm of numerous Italian collectors, with the goal of fostering the love of cars and of the mountains at one and the same time. There are many clubs in Italy, but Cortina Car Club is distinguishable for its modus operandi and for its purpose: to gather enthusiasts capable of bringing to the splendid setting of Cortina d’Ampezzo truly unique models, organising events to bring cultural knowledge of the automobile to the local area and at the same time promoting the town of Cortina, a place where the culture of all that is beautiful merges with the beauty of nature. A journey that becomes an opportunity for meetings, gatherings and holidays is furthered by an extremely well organised project: word has already started to get around, and so far we can count on 65 associates coming from many regions of Italy, including Veneto, Lazio, Tuscany and above all Emilia Romagna.
It all started in September 2008, when, on the occasion of the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti (The Dolomites Gold Cup), a group of friends met for a coffee at the Lovat cake shop. It was there that the idea arose of creating the Cortina Car Club, an exclusive club able to merge two common passions: automobiles and this splendid locality of the Ampezza Valley. The proposal, launched by the club’s present Vice President, Mario Caliceti, whose dream it had been for years, was received with great enthusiasm by the rest of the group. One challenge leads to another: in November 2008 the 11 founder members formally launched the Club at the office of notary Raffaello Masi degli Uberti in Bologna. The following month saw the selection of the club’s hallmark, designed to reflect the love of the mountains and to give prominence to the locality of Cortina. As evidence of how important this project is for the Town Council of Cortina d’Ampezzo, permission was granted to use the Cortina squirrel logo.
The President of the Club is Count Umberto Marzotto, and there is none better than he to play this role, with his experience and his deep affection for automobiles and for Cortina itself. The Cortina Car Club is based on the idea of building up a national and international network of enthusiasts of quality cars, which will have the added value over time of promoting Cortina d’Ampezzo.

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“La Saga dei MARZOTTO”

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